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Here is a brief history of Vanasse Farm.


Vanasse Farm products Inc was founded By Réal Vanasse in 1952. He purchased a new truck and started harvesting wild Christmas trees. Since trees generally take 10 years to grow before being cut and distributed, he also produced and sold hay. A few years later, two of his brother -in-laws joined the company.


Réal, unsatisfied with the wild trees, decided to plant the trees in better soil in 1965. He soon learned how to fertilize and trim them, creating beautiful christmas trees.


In 1977, Réals oldest son joined the business. By then Vanasse farm owned 1000 acres of land. Products were exported to New Jersey, Massachussets, New York, Florida and South America.


In the 1980s, Mr. Vanasse's two brother-in-laws left the company to persue other projects, but another son joined the business. Vanasse Farm's clientele continued to grow.


In the 1990s, customers were asking for other seasonal products such as pumpkins. Consequently, more farm products were added to the line and shipped every fall.


Vanasse Farm continues to innovate! Contact us for more information.


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